Saturday, 16 April 2016

Time Management for Beginners...

I told our man-cub that he couldn't watch his laptop until 9am today.
"Okay," says he. "Can I take your clock so that I know what time it is when I wake up?"
"Sure you can," says I.
So he creeps into our room this morning and thrusts the alarm clock at my bleary face, hissing "Mummy! Can I watch the computer now?"
Gradually, my eyes slide into focus, just enough to make out that it's apparently 9:20, so I say "Good lad." And "Yes, you can."
Man-cub  heads back to his own room looking rather pleased with himself, but unfortunately, I'm still tired and barely functioning, and I fail to wonder why.
"Huh?" Hubby grunts, slowly stirring at his side of the pit. "What time did you say it was?"
"Oh, blast!*" Hubby cries, leaping from the bed as if he's been bitten on the bottom by a sharp stingy thing. "What a confounded convenience this is!*" (*Or words to that effect! ) "I was supposed to be at work by now." 
He grabs his phone and heads for the bathroom at a brisk, if unsteady, canter. Suddenly, he stops dead in his tracks and stares down at his phone. "It's 7:10," he mutters.
"7:10?" No wonder the birds are still so quiet out there.
To cut a long story short, our cunning man-cub has learned to manipulate time - if only the hands of my old alarm clock.
The little monster! I still don't know whether I should be proud or cross!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

104 Years Ago This Very Night...

... Titanic hit an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic.

More than 1500 people died that night. The question is, if she'd hit the iceberg head on, how many of those poor souls might have survived?
I know, I know. The internet debate still rages on... but what do YOU think?

Here's a Titanic story I hadn't heard before. The tale of the musical pig.

Very poignant it is, too.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Guess Where I've Been?

Crooked buildings on a narrow street.
The Mighty Minster

 Inside the cab of a famous Scotsman!

The Flying Scotsman

Yes. You've got it! It's the magnificent city of York. 

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