Sunday, 27 July 2014

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Rest ye and be thankful...

You might imagine I'd be used to this publishing malarky by now. That I'd be sort of blase about it. Wrong! It still hasn't sunk in, and I'm not sure it ever will.

I've been making up stories ever since I was a child--even before I could make those pesky letters form proper words. The moment I could write, there was no holding me back. I was a closet scribbler for decades. Yes. I am THAT old. :)

But in all that time, very few people got to see my stories—only a couple of my besties, and they didn't get to see everything. Some stuff was just too personal (and awful!). A gynae exam would've been less uncomfortable than exposing my 'darlings' to the world.

But here I am. Published. I might have decimated several forests to get here, but I finally did it...the thing I never even dreamed I could do.

It's been a crazy-mad year, so far. The hours simply whizz by, and suddenly there are never enough of them. But sometimes I find the time to stop, to take a breath, and look around. Wow! What an epic journey.

It's a weird feeling, knowing that complete strangers are reading my scribblings, and that they parted with their hard-earned cash in order to do so.

It's a humbling experience.

Thank you for giving me this chance. Whatever happens from now on, I'll do my damndest not to let you down.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Teaser time...

Good evening, my pretties. If you fancy a teaser from my upcoming novel 'Wolfsbane', head on over to my Facebook author page and tell me what you think.

I'll be revealing the cover some time before bedtime. :)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The sun is shining...

...and I'm in a happy mood.

So, what do you fancy? A 'Wolfsbane' teaser, or a sneak peek at the new book cover? Leave me a comment on my FB page and let me know. Majority rules!

Monday, 21 July 2014

How dumb am I?

I forgot to mention (#weekendfromhell) that the lovely Lissa Lane is running a 'Traveler' competition over on her Saturday Morning Characters page. Click on the link for the chance to win a free e-copy of 'Traveler'.

Have a great day!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Saturday Morning Characters...

This is a bit late(#dayfromHELL!) but the lovely Lyssa Lane interviewed my Martha for her 'Saturday Morning Characters' spot. Check it out and learn what Martha has to say regarding 'fecking', two-timing Tony, and love!


Friday, 18 July 2014

The big hand's pointing straight up, and the little hand is on the number eleven.

Yay! Vadim o'clock! (OT: 'o'clock' is a weird word, isn't it? I had one of those sudden moments of blankness where I couldn't spell it. But what does it actually mean, o'clock? 'Of the clock'? [/randomness ends] )

Anywho, who's in the mood for a Hemlock teaser? I know I am. :) This one is taken from the start of the book, another of Martha and V's getting-to-know-you moments...

"...Shall we begin again?" He stood before her, hand held over his heart. "Some call me Hemlock, but you may call me Vadim." He bowed his handsome head. "If it is within my power to do so, I will help you find your way home."

"Ch-charmed, I'm sure." Her stomach fluttered. "And I'm Martha, Martha Bigalow." Without thinking, she thrust out her hand. What the heck had she done that for? His old-fashioned manners must have rubbed off on her. "How do you do?" she added for good measure, then cringed.

"I do very nicely, thank you." After a momentary pause, Vadim took her outstretched hand.

Although his skin was rough, his touch was gentle. Warm. A pulse of electricity bolted up her arm. To her amazement, he raised her hand to his lips and brushed it with a feather-light kiss. All the time, those dark, knowing eyes bored into hers.

"'Tis my greatest pleasure to know you, Lady Martha," he murmured against her skin.

For a moment, she forgot to breathe. "J-just Martha will do. Thanks."

What was she thanking him for? Blushing and flustered, she slipped her hand from his.He made no attempt to stop her, but a half-smile played upon his lips. 

Weird hermit, or an escapee from a secure unit? Whatever he was, Vadim knew what he was doing to her. Damn him. Martha shook her head to clear it. What was she thinking? Get a grip, woman.


Even after several dozen passes, I still love that scene! Or is it uncool of me to admit that out loud?

Okay, in other news, my lovelies, next week, I'm finally going to reveal the cover of 'Wolfsbane'.

Is that worth a 'hello', do you think? Or, if you're still shy of me, a smiley face in the comments will do. How about a scowly face? A thumbs up/down? A poop icon? Anything you like!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Oh, the relief!

I have my E.I.N. !!! :) I'm sure my non-American writer friends will fully understand my relief at this.

For the benefit of those who don't know an EIN from a spine, it's something non-US tax paying citizens need in order to avoid paying the IRS 30% tax from our monthly Amazon earnings. Yay!

The IRS were very sweet, helpful, and efficient. The lady laughed when I told her I'd been terrified of contacting them. Why? Good question. I guess it's a combination of lapsed-Catholic guilt and a fear of authority or something. Anyway, it's done, and it didn't hurt a bit.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Something for the weekend...

Check out your friendly neighborhood Amazon this weekend, my lovelies. The ebook of 'Tales of a Traveler' is now at a discounted price everywhere.

Maybe throwing some good mojo into the cosmos will help me shake this sicky bug? *fingers crossed*

Friday, 11 July 2014

Guy talk...

Good morning!

We were discussing favourite fictional men (book boyfriends, if you will) over at my Facebook page. It's a subject that's really got me thinking. Not only do we love these men for their washboard abs and hot-damn good looks, but we also love them for the way they behave, and all the panty-melting things they say.

However, as my pal Larissa pointed out, if our RL men acted like those hot Alpha types, we'd probably call the police.

I'm inclined to agree! Captain Wentworth (Persuasion) is one of my most beloved book heroes. Here's the amazing letter he wrote for Anne Elliott:

Oh, Frederick! *swoony-sigh*

Now, let's read it again. But this time I want you to imagine your other half speaking those lovely words. Hmm...not quite the same effect, is it? And are you seeing any red flags there?

Me? I'm torn between laughter and wanting to barf. I think, all things considered, characters should remain safely within the pages of their book.

Tell me, who's your all-time favourite leading wo/man? Leave me a quote so we can properly appreciate his/her gorgeousness!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tease me, please me...

I really love my fictional men. Mr Darcy. Colonel Brandon. Aragorn...the list goes on and on. Why? Simple. When was the last time you heard a C21 fella say something like this?

I rest my case. :)

Sunday, 6 July 2014

A father's warning...

Good evening, lovelies!

I wanted you to say hello to Seth, Anselm's dad.

What do you think? Isn't he gorgeous?

(Okay. So his full name is Seth-the-actor-formerly-known-as-Angus-from-the-first--Highlander-movie, but that's a bit of a mouthful!)

It's so weird. From day one, this is exactly how I've imagined him. Seth and Forge were easy characters to 'Google'. :)

Anyway, when Seth found out Anselm had been over here, baring his moobs, and givin' you girls his sultry look, he wanted to stop by and warn you off his 'wastrel' of a son.

Seth? Seth, you're up!

Seth: *clears throat* "Do not surrender yourselves to Anselm's honeyed tongue, dear ladies. My son is altogether unscrupulous and untrustworthy; a man devoid of honor. For the sake of your virtue, I beg you, heed not his flowery words." *stomps off*

Is that it, Seth? Are you...? Seth? Yep. He's gone.

Consider yourselves warned, ladies!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


I forgot to increase the price of 'Traveler'! The offer was only supposed to be for the weekend. Oh well! One more day and it'll go back to its usual price.

Silly me. I'm blaming my revision fever. :)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Character conflict...

You know what it's like when you're in love? The way you'll witter on to anyone and everyone about that special someone you're crazy-in-love with--whether they want to hear about 'em or not? :)

That's where I'm at!

The revisions to 'Wolfsbane' are going well, and I'm currently deep in Anselm territory. I need to tell you all something before I burst... I LOVE ANSELM SO HARD!!! (Sorry, Vadim, but I do!)

He IS a bit of an arse (to coin a Martha-ism), but he has his moments of... Oh damn! I can't spoil the surprise, can I? I really wish you'd read this book already.(Which doesn't make any sense, because if you HAD, I wouldn't be still plowing through the revisions and swooning like a medieval fangirl!)

Let's just say, from where I am right now, he's putting Vadim in the shade.

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